Stat 5, Winter 2021

Scootering around Pai, Thailand. Taken by Bas Glaap (@basglaap on insta).

This page is for students in my discussion sections & also for students taking the class generally!
The instructor for this class was Prof. Katznelson.

Step-by-Step Guides to Hypothesis Testing

Discussion Slides

All the photos in these slides were taken by me (or a friend).


Note: We do the worksheets together in section. The solutions are available in office hours.


  • MSI: I attended these as an undergrad. SUPER HELPFUL.
  • Cold Turkey Micromanager: Helps me focus during Zoom lectures
  • My guide to free response questions (for a previous Stats 5 course)
  • College can be stressful. I think Meditation is a cool way to maintain your mental & physical well-being.

Other stuff