Stat 5, Fall 2021

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Updated December 1st.

Welcome! This page is for students in my discussion sections & also for students taking the class generally!
The instructor for this class was Bruno Mendes.

Important Information

Missing Sections/Quizzes: If you are sick and do not feel that coming to section is possible or wise (to avoid spreading stuff to your classmates & me), that is totally ok. You do NOT have to send me an email. To take the quiz, please come to my office hours. There, I’ll give you the access key to take the quiz.

Use Piazza for (most questions): Please direct most course-related questions to Piazza and NOT to my email. Please join STAT 5 piazza

Email: Email should be reserved for personal & logistic questions: quiz grading or missing discussion due to medical issues, etc. My email is: shkawano @ ucsc

Canvas Messages: I won’t check my canvas messages. Please use email or Piazza.

Quizzes: There will be ten quizzes in section, some of which can be dropped. I will try to make these quizzes easy & will grade leniently.

Doing Well in this class: Most people don’t learn statistics (or math) from just reading or listening to lectures. Anything that takes skill is like this; just because you watch a lot of basketball doesn’t mean you’ll become good at it. You have to train your intuition, which takes time & repetition! But it’s not just about mindless drilling. If you get stuck on a problem, you have to identify what concept you don’t quite understand and the practice problems that test that concept.

Other Stuff